Katherine Hacking

All things transform in the presence of LOVE! 
I serve by holding space for wholeness; mental, emotional, spiritual & physical. Achieving freedom from pain with individuals and families. Providing assistance for those who seek an unraveling of the web of dreams & remembering one's self as pure light. 
I open the space for realization of the reality in which you have a loving, heart-centered,  connection with yourself AND everyone around you. Will you transmute and release anything and everything that is density? Will you choose to release All that THAT is, in the way of your experience of the frequency of Love? Yes? Yes. So say we all. 
~*~ Thank you ~*~

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I am currently available for private sessions by appointment only.

Send me an email if you would like to talk about scheduling events & classes.

Healing Art & the Art of Healing



 My Logo: At the center, the Eye of Kanaloa (Hawaiian God of Healing) is a representation of the web of life and the dream weaver. My 4 dragons stand as guides & guardians of the web; as marking the compass points and a balancing of the elements.  As someone who facilitates a remembrance of wholeness; I choose to allow my own life to clarify. So that I can move forward intentionally using this symbol, for harmonizing my reality and, as an opportunity for alignment with the angelic realm.  

This isn't just my logo. 
This is a representation of who I AM.

Contact Info: KathyHacking@gmail.com
or voicemail at (801) 747-9880