Basic Reiki Principles:

Just for today, do not anger. (be at peace)
Just for today, do not worry. (trust in the divine)
Just for today, be honest.
Just for today, be kind.
Just for today, give thanks.
Just for today, respect Life.

Reiki is from the Japanese Rei = Spiritual Wisdom (of God) and Ki= The Life Force Energy
It is the God-Consciousness called Rei that guides the life force called Ki in the practice called Reiki.

The process of attunement or initiation is what sets Reiki apart from other forms of laying-on-of-hands or touch healing. The attunement is not itself a healing session, it creates the healer. Attunements do not give the receiver anything 'new'; it opens and aligns what was already there, permitting the attuned person to be an open conduit for Ki. Attunements are generally thought to be permanent, and only to be performed by someone who has received them from another Master. Hence the arguments about lineage and the advent of many branches and forms of Reiki.

There is much dispute about how and when Reiki was brought to and/or restored to the earth. There are also many differing opinions about the 'authentic' Reiki symbols, methods, sacredness, and secretiveness. There are currently MANY books in print about Reiki. I found 'Reiki for Dummies' by Nina L Paul, PhD, at the library, and it was a good synopsis of the other books I have read on the topic.

Reiki balances and works on the four levels of existence.
Physical, the body and manifested pain.
Emotional, what is being felt.
Mental, what one is allowing oneself to think.
Spiritual, capacity for love of self and others/ acceptance of our connection to all.

Reiki works on the cause rather than the effect of dis-ease.
Treats the dis-ease rather than the symptoms
Accelerates healing, which may cause initial discomfort.
Energy flowing through you body is relaxing. You may fall asleep, or experience colors and emotions as old patterns are brought to the surface and resolved.

What to do during a treatment?
Take off your shoes, leather and metal jewelry. Relax and enjoy the infusion. Talking is optional, though many practitioners use guided meditation and breathing as an aid. Allow your mind to release thoughts and fears.
Let the practitioner know immediately if anything they are doing makes you uncomfortable. The whole experience should be very peaceful! You may experience a shift in consciousness about an issue.

What to expect after a session or treatment?
Your aura should be swept (head to toes) to help you come back to wakefulness.
You may feel energized or very peaceful and drowsy. You will want to be aware of how your body responds to energy work and make future appointments at a good time of day for you (to either be charged or sleepy).

DRINK A LOT OF WATER! Your body will be trying to flush out toxins- on all levels. This is your chance to get rid of them or have them re-stored in another part of your body. Take it easy for a bit. You may wish to spend time in contemplation and examine your lifestyle.

In my experience Reiki is a good gentle form of energy healing that can be easily received by the earth, all plants, animals, and people. I am a trained and attuned Reiki Master & Teacher. I can teach Reiki classes and pass the attunements. For myself I very rarely use Reiki on its own. The methods and symbols are kept as 'tools in my toolbox', and I use them in conjunction with everything else at my disposal for the highest good of the client.

I hope that this answers most of your questions about Reiki! Let me know if you have further questions,